Anunnaki and Nibiru: The Origins of Civilization?

Is this who started our civilization?

And is this where they came from?


It is commonly believed that man first evolved into what we are today, both physically and mentally, and organized into a civilization, somewhere in Africa. It’s for this reason that Africa is known as “The Cradle of Civilization”. In fact, recent aeriel photographs have revealed that these early settlements were even more organized and expansive than we ever imagined. However, this begs the question: Did we do it ourselves? How did early man, fresh off the evolutionary jump from Homo Erectus (walking gorilla Homer Simpsons) to modern Homo Sapiens Sapiens, create expansive civilizations, complete with deep shafts for mining gold and an organized agricultural system? The answer to many: They had help from above. The “above” they speak of? Outer space. And the help is thought to have come from humanoid extraterrestrials from “Nibiru”, a planet within our very own solar system.


The Path of Planet X


In Zecharia Sitchin’s acclaimed work Twelfth Planet, he became the first person to pose the theory that “Planet X” (a planet never discovered, but theorized by astronomers as a reason for certain gravitational and orbital anomalies amongst the discovered planets) is actually “Nibiru”. Nibiru, which possesses a long, elliptical orbit that causes it to only pass through the inner solar system about every 3600 years, is also believed to have created the earth when it collided with “Tiamat”. Tiamat, a planet believed to have existed between Mars and Jupiter, is thought to have split it into pieces upon the collision, and one of those pieces became our planet. According to Sitchin’s interpretations of Mesopotamian lore (Mesopotamia is the region in which ancient Sumeria or Sumer was located in what is now Iraq), Nibiru was home to an advanced culture of humanoids known as the Anunnaki, and it’s the Anunnaki who are responsible for Sumeria and it’s surrounding areas becoming so advanced so quickly. They apparently set up their headquarters in this region to take advantage of the excellent agricultural possibilities.


Ancient mining camp in South Africa?



It’s believed that on one of Nibiru’s passes through the inner solar system, the Anunnaki, with the aid of both space-crafts and possibly stargates, came down to our primitive planet to search for minerals, particularly gold. Upon finding the best gold deposits in southern Africa, they set out upon the task of mining it. The indigenous population at the time consisted of animals and primitive proto-humans; who revered the Earth bound Anunnaki as gods. Eventually, the working class Anunnaki that were stuck here on earth got tired of performing the grueling labor that is mine work, and revolted against their leaders. In order to restore peace to their society, their leaders needed to find a new source of labor, and the Anunnaki on Earth had the perfect candidates: humans. However, in their current state of evolution, they couldn’t perform the tasks of the Anunnaki workers, so the Anunnaki decided to give humanity the “jump start” it would need to do their work for them.


Was the "Cradle of Civilization" seeded by visitors from another world?

What was this “jump start”? How would to humans establishing a civilization? Read on to Part 2 of Anunnaki and Nibiru: The origins of civilization? to find out…

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