Edgar Cayce’s Earth Change Prophecies


Long before the Internet spread word of the “impending” apocalypse of 2012 (the popular theory that when the Mayan calendar runs out of days…so does humanity), a man named Edgar Cayce (1887-1945) predicted that the earth would go through massive and cataclysmic changes around the same time. Cayce, a known and popular clairvoyant from the 1930s, predicted that these changes would occur both in nature, and in the socio-political climate of the world, and that they would be prefaced by a forty year period (1958-1998) of radical transformation. He further predicted that after the world changing events, humanity would be ready to reach a spiritually and mentally enlightened state in which things like world peace could finally occur.




Amongst Cayce’s predictions was the idea, popular amongst most earth change/apocalypse theories, that seismic shifts and subsequent earthquakes would cause California to detach from the rest of the continental United States. Cayce also foretold that the sunken island civilization of Atlantis would rise from the ocean floor, and that the polar axis would shift and cause much of the earth to end up under the ocean. Some people claim the “Bimini Road” found in the Bahamas very near when Cayce predicted is proof of his Atlantis rising prediction. Other people have dismissed Cayce’s ideas as fanaticism, or scientism (the borrowing of ideas from actual science to justify non-biblical apocalyptic theories), but there are some changes the Earth is in the midst of, or on the brink of, that seem to lend credence to Cayce’s ideas.




First, we have the pending environmental collapse that is being brought upon by our resource destroying/waste producing economy. Whether you believe climate change is caused by human activity or not, it is getting very difficult to ignore disastrous weather events causing scientist to look back to the end of Ice Ages to find comparable times. One warning sign is the record tectonic activity that the world has seen in recent years. Both earthquake frequency and intensity hit record levels in 2010, and recent tsunamis across the globe make 2011 look to be another record year. This has led many to believe that a possible major shifting of the magnetic poles, which has happened before, is on it’s way (the north pole is already moving towards Russia as we speak). Galactic anomalies, such as the sun rising two days early in Greenland, and that we may have the ability to see two suns from earth in 2012 provide even more fuel to the fire of “earth change” followers. Also, further evidence can be seen in weakening ocean currents, increased volcanic activity, extreme weather shifts, and the sun’s recent rise in unpredictable activity and increase in solar flares.

People can say what they want about Edgar Cayce and those who still subscribe to his predictions, but with scientific evidence only strengthening their case, they have no reason not to believe. Time will tell whether the Earth changes we are seeing are just coincidence, or whether we as a planet are headed for a new era. Will your part of the globe be underwater?



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