Is There Such A Thing As Luck?

How is you luck treating you lately? Do you think about yourself as a lucky person or as a person challenged at every turn by fate? Is there any special thing you do to increase your odds on a particular day or in a particular situation? Do you think your good luck or bad luck comes from some source or from karma in this life or a previous one? Do we have free will with any possible future or is our destiny already written?

Perhaps luck is a bit of a mask that covers the truth of our successful or unsuccessful activities. If someone is in a negative mode of activity, it may attract bad things and the negative emotions may carry on in a downward spiral of unwanted events. Likewise, someone on a roll, seeing only positive and feeling great has a good chance of continuing with their success and “good luck”. Ascribing failures to bad luck allows us to get off the hook for them. And modesty may make us say that good luck helped us in our successes.

A lucky person would be emotionally balanced and functioning well in all capacities while the unluckiest people may be emotionally unstable and dysfunctional. But often we consider luck to be what happens to us that is out of our control. Or can we control it? Many religions of yore contained rituals to influence the future. Prayer, shamans and witches all do what they can to connect with the divine in order to shape events in our favor. Even atheists may believe in the power of positive thinking and envisioning success.

Many religions and schools of thought think that your luck can be influenced, and scientists may even agree (for sure some won’t agree, saying that events are purely random). There are plenty of techniques to choose from if we want to try and influence our luck or our future. It is left to us then to choose a tradition, try a New Age method or work on a new method. Of course, to start we have to achieve mental and physical balance in our lives and move forward from there. Try it. Change your luck, write your future.

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