Lilith and Adam in the Garden of Eden

The ancient Hebrew text, the Talmud, refers to creatures called the lilitu. The lilitu were a type of female night demon. These demons would torment women and children, but their true nature was highly sexualized and they would prey upon men in a sexual nature. These demons were thought to fly through the sky on wings and come from the south wind.

So what does that have to do with Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden story? Well it is now believed that the lilitu were created because of Adam’s first wife. Yes, Eve was not the first wife of Adam. According to the Alphabet of Ben Sira, Adam’s first wife was named Lilith. If you thought that Eve was trouble you are going to be shocked by the antics of Lilith. This is no doubt why the great first Goddess was turned from original woman to sexual predator.



Most people know that much from the Jewish and Christian faiths were taken from earlier religious systems and the story of Lilith is another example of this. Lilith is believed to be one of the ancient Goddesses or a Priestess of an ancient Goddess culture. The Priestesses of Ishtar were known to be sacred prostitutes and the name Lilitu shows up in ancient texts relating Lilith to the Goddess Ishtar.



So, what it is that the Lilith did that made her so bad? There are actually several things. It seems that Lilith was created out of clay the same time as Adam was. Since they were created at the same time Lilith felt that they should be equals. One story goes on to say that she refused to lay beneath Adam. All of her protesting and demands did not put her in good favor with Adam, or the Great God for that matter.

It seems that Lilith was also connected to the arch-angel Samuel. Adam and his demanding ways were just too much for Lilith and she started to look elsewhere for love. The angel Samuel and Lilith were lovers, but their children were demons because their union was considered unholy. This is where the lilitu come into play. As punishment for this union, Lilith was cast out as a female demon of the night and poor Samuel was castrated.



God then created Eve from the rib of Adam, therefore changing the roles of men and women for the rest of history. It wasn’t until hundreds of years later when new-age Pagan worshippers started to come back into mainstream that Lilith was brought back into favor. The new-age movement loves the Goddess that refused to be treated as less than equal.

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3 Responses to Lilith and Adam in the Garden of Eden

  1. leelit pope says:

    Very interesting.

    When I was in Israel last year, I met a friend who told me that was the “lillith”. Many of her characteristics are me. I am strong-willed, often alone and very intimidating.

    If this is the case, I had asked him how to break this spell, because life for me has been very difficult and I am tired of pain.

    He told me that I needed to “come to terms with God and ask for forgiveness”.

    Could this be true?


    • Claudio Zorrospín says:

      Well, I would think that you are the only one that can ask and answer that question and that by asking it, to start at least, leads to the resolution. That is what myths are for though, to help us understand ourselves. Maybe elders around you might help you find meaning in the myths or about yourself too. Also, Lilith is powerful, so she/you can hopefully use the powers for good.
      Good Luck and Blessings

  2. Jaded says:

    If God is supposed to love us all equally I don’t see why Lilith was punished for wanting to be treated as such. If that is God’s idea of “equality” then what makes him better than Man.

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