Mystery of the 27 year-old Dying Rockers

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  1. brandon marion says:

    the cross roads is the real deal , this is not the only case of this . the devil him self is selfish. the devil is the most selfish person on earth. when a cross road deal is mad the deal is sealed with a kiss or by the sap of the finger , story has it , when a person makes a deal with the crossroad demon they have a deal or a pled of 10 to 25 years to live. folks , the devil / demon will lie. they may say 10-25 but they will take it way sooner then that. in the bible the soul is the most valuable part of the body , to god , to the angles , and to the devil or the king of hell . the devil , demon is hungry , they want souls faster and faster , so yes hell hounds are true to , stories has it , when your time is up and you are not saved or you have mad a deal with the devil , bell hounds will come and tear you pice by pice , then you will and go to hell , so yes folks , the crossroad devil or demon is real … i know how to make the deal , but are you willing to do it just to be happy ??? or have all the money in the world ???? or want the beautiful girl in your life ?? go on and do it , its not my life its yours. comment or message if you agree .. always have god with you , don’t make deals with the devil… ever thought about maybe the other artist might have did the same ? go figure and think …

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