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Strange Skulls and Giant Skeletons

Strange bones found in the Caucasus - Georgia

Throughout history, there have been various reported, but often unconfirmed incidences of “strange skulls” and “giant skeletons” being found. These incidences have led to much speculation as to whether a race of giants or humanoid aliens once walked amongst us. These reported cases include:

  • In 1878, the uprooting of a large maple tree in Jefferson County, New York revealed a skeleton of “great stature”; it had full rows of double teeth. It was found along with hundreds of other skeletons with “normal” features.
  • A very large, double toothed skull was unearthed in Proctorville, Ohio is 1892
  • In 1881, while digging the cellar of a new home in Medina County, Ohio, nine doubled toothed skeletons were found. The skulls were very large; so large that one man was able to wear one as a helmet.
  • In 1845, a human jawbone with transverse teeth was found in Virginia. It was so large that it could wrap around a man’s face.
  • The excavation of an Indian burial ground in Michigan in 1890 turned up three skulls that each had three wholes in their crown. Two of them also had double teeth in the front.
  • A mound excavated in Chesterton, Ohio in 1829 contained a jawbone that had more teeth than modern humans. It was said to have been large enough to fit over the face of a man that had been known for his large jaw.
  • Three eight foot tall skeletons were dug out of a mound in Noble County, Ohio in 1872. The skulls all had double teeth, but were said to have disintegrated upon exposure to the atmosphere.
  • In Rancho Lompoc, California in 1833; a twelve foot tall skeleton was discovered by soldiers digging a pit. The skull had double rowed teeth.
  • A man who frequently visited California’s Santa Rosa Island around 1860 was said to have discovered numerous skeletons in caves, many of them possessed double rowed teeth.
  • In 1888, right outside of Clearwater, Minnesota; seven skeletons with sloping foreheads and double rowed teeth were found in a burial mound.
  • Seven skulls large enough to fit over a man’s head were found in 1821 in Mason County, Virginia. They had double teeth on their upper jaws, but only two teeth on the lower.

So what are these deformed finds? Some say that lost or misinterpreted parts of the Bible and the Talmud reference giants with double rows of teeth. Others think the finds never happened at all (due to lack of evidence), and that if they did, what was found were merely deformed individuals buried together because they were outcasts. While some point to human/alien hybrids, deformed by their unnatural conception. Without evidence, these stories remain just that; stories (see the red haired giants of Nevada).

Robert Wadlow 8' 11'' 490 lbs

Ukranian Giant 8' 5''

We do know that in living memory there was a man who was just a hair shy of nine feet tall and there are several men living right now that are over eight feet tall. Is it such a stretch to imagine sometime in the 50,000-200,000 years of our species’ existence here on earth that there were people who were ten feet tall or fifteen maybe? There have been a few cases of alleged giant photos that have been hoaxes. So until we find the bones of a ten foot tall or larger man with sixty-four teeth, the “strange skulls” remain…an Otherworld Mystery.

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