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Tunnel Underneath the Mexican Pyramids

Pyramid Robot


Archaeologists have conducted the first study of the ancient ruins of the Mexican pyramids with a robot. The device was able to enter a tunnel that is 2000 years old and runs under one of the temple pyramids at Teotihuacan or the “City of the Gods” near Mexico City. The video captured by the robot showed that the tunnel was definitely man-made with blocks and tool marks in the well-shaped passageway. It appears that the tunnel was filled-in by local residents between 200 and 250 AD. The tunnel was found under the Quetzalcoatl temple using ground sensing radar while researchers were investigating several ancient shafts.


Entrance to Tunnel



Pyramid of the Sun


It appears the tunnel, which is 40 ft (12 m) underground, is safe for people to enter so that may be the next step. There also appears to be various rooms connected to the main tunnel. Hopefully, some of these will contain some artifacts because very little is known about the ancient builders and inhabitants of the site. There have been very few clues from the original period of the site, there is only the limited information that the Aztecs explained to the Spanish about it. When the Aztecs arrived to found the nearby Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) by prophecy in about 1300, the pyramids were already ancient. The last Aztec emperor Moctezuma had great reverence for the temples and made many visits there in the last years of his reign. The Aztecs inherited much of their culture from the Toltecs who were the dominate culture in the region from around 800 to 1000 AD. The builders of the pyramids are from a culture much older still.


Pyramid of the Moon


For the last few years, in order to resolve the mystery about the site, researchers have been looking for exactly this kind of tunnel when they discovered it. Already, they have found some unique jewelry and ceramic items. If they can find tombs of former elite or early inhabitants it would be a major breakthrough. The settlement is thought to be at least 2500 years old.


aztec sculpture
Aztec Sculpture


teno sculpture


Toltec Head

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