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Nazi Flying Saucers and Moon Colonization!

Imagine this: You’re sitting in your backyard on a hot summer day; feet in the kiddie pool, beer in your hand, and listening to some good ole’ American Rock N’ Roll; when you spot something coming over the horizon. You squint your eyes to get a better look and realize what you’re looking at; a UFO…a Nazi UFO…and just like that, we’ve been invaded. Crazy right? Well according to some people, this scenario was, or still is, entirely possible. You see, these same people believe that Nazi research during and before World War 2 led to the development of propulsion systems unlike anything the world had ever seen. Furthermore, they believe that these propulsion systems were made specifically in response to extraterrestrial contact made by the Nazi associated Vril Society. The society, a powerful occultist group based in Berlin, was said to have developed plans for flying disks (flying saucers) in order to meet with their new-found alien-allies. These same flying disks are said to have been tested as weapons during the war, gaining the name Foo Fightersand often being mistaken for alien crafts. More advanced models are believed to have been used by the Nazis to land on and colonize the Moon as early as 1942. The crafts are believed to have taken off from a secret base in the Antarctic territory of New Swabia, which the Nazis had claimed a decade earlier to use for “scientific research”. These are all interesting claims to say the least, but do those who believe in Nazi UFOs have any sort of evidence? Well…yes.

In 1965, something crashed in the woods just outside of Kecksburg, Pennsyvania. What was this something? Well, the government at first said it was a small meteor, then nothing, then a meteor again, and then debris from a Russian Satalite. However, eye-witness reports described the object as being shaped like a Volkswagon-sized acorn, and as being covered in strange text (resembling hieroglyphics). This description has led many to believe that the object wasn’t a meteor or debris; but that it was the “Die Glocke”, a secret Nazi UFO long spoken about during interrogations of high ranking German officers. Further support for the existence of these man-made fllying saucers comes from numerous German engineers that had defected during the war. In multiple interviews done after the war, people like Rudolf Schriever and Georg Klein came forward with stories of their working on Nazi UFO projects of varying degrees of success. Also, American Aeronautical engineer Roy Fedden claims to have seen plans for such crafts when he was sent to Germany after the war to study Nazi research; he believed that the Nazis were just months away from having success with their designs. If he found plans he thought were almost ready to produce results; what’s to say they hadn’t already produced results and that the results hadn’t just flown away?

Those who believe in Nazi UFOs tend to believe that in the face of an impending loss in World War 2, the Vril Society, as well as many elite Nazi soldiers and possibly Hitler himself, escaped in their advanced crafts and went off to hide in New Swabia, Antarctica. From there, it’s believed that they either went to the moon to plot their next move, or that they are still in their secret Antarctic base, waiting to strike at a time when humanity is at it’s weakest. As always, no one really knows what became of all the Nazi UFO research, or if it ever even existed. So next time you see something you don’t recognize approaching from the skies, be ready for the worst, because Nazi UFOs are still…an Other World Mystery.

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