The Bermuda Triangle: Fact, Fiction, Or Hoax?

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3 Responses

  1. Iliass says:

    Okey, so if you believe that the Bermuda Triangle is a simple hoax, I invite you to be courageous enough and to go there by yourself (since you believe that there’s nothing ! ) If nothing happens to you, I’ll join you in your belief.
    It’s as simple as that.
    If you’re still not courageous, then you don’t even believe on what you say.

  2. NINA ALO says:

    Nice blogging yes we as Muslims beleive this is where the Anti-Christ is as this also makes sense in connection with the whole Beyonce using a triangle with a eye in it type in goodle the bermuda triangle and then see the image with the eye why an eye???? so the artists use the eye in the tirangle has nothing to do with the Egyptians but to do with the Bermuda Triangle. It is very much so something which has been in front of our eyes but we have not seen why? Because mayeb god didnt want us to see it? I guess but i recently read a Hadith which suggests the prophets Christian companions went to sea and found the beast. It wasnt untuil i researched the Bible when i was that the beast will rise up out of the sea and I had a lead.

  3. Ariesiema says:

    I want to go to Bermuda triangle but I dont have the means. Seriously if there’s someone to provide me with transportation, I’ll go. I’m not afraid to disappear or missing or death. Everybody dies eventually.