The Evil Eye and the All Seeing Eye

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2 Responses

  1. James says:

    How can I get the all seeing eye

  2. jarod n glass says:

    the evil eye is the thought that the minds third eye is evil cause of what you can see in your mind and the darkness once you stare into the sun for over an hour threw glass,which can be done alittle each day till done,but because of what you see in your mind in the darkness is why most turn on the all seeing minds eye mystery and call it evil…..then you have sertin religious cult,ect…who believe in either doing the left eye which is mainly white and blue light,or the right eye wich is mostly fie and light,so depending on what eye you feel is the true way to enlightenment and which light,fire,ect…depends on what you think is evil….this is the trueth and what they don’t know or wont tell you…the other trueth is sence god is said bto be light and fire how is any of it evil or the mystery,and sence the all seeing eye usually stand for god and not jest beast,or mind,how is that evil even if god is part evil or has an evilm side? so rethink everything and most of this can be found in the holy bible,and Islamic quran….this eye mystery has to do with reborning your spirit,ect….