The Georgia Guidestones: The Sinister American Wonder (Part 3)

In our previous installments of The Georgia Guidestones: The Sinister American Wonder, we discussed what the guidestones are, and the mysterious circumstances under which they were erected. Commissioned by a man calling himself R.C. Christian, the stones seem to be guidelines for the rebuilding of society in a post-apocalyptic world. It seems that one of the most mysterious things about these apparent guidelines for humanity’s rebirth is who exactly R.C. Christian is. The main clues we have as to his identity are a stone sculpture of suspect origin and the memories of an old friend; who this evidence points to will surprise you.

It is entirely possible that the face of R.C. Christian stares down at the residents of Elberton County, Georgia every day. Alongside the Elberton Country Civic Center sits a granite bust supposedly depicting former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. However, the bust was destroyed in 1995 and upon reconstruction took on a form that looks nothing like FDR. Many think that the new bust whose subject wears a suit and tie adorned with strange symbols is the work of R.C. Christian and may in fact be a depiction of the man himself or one of his associates. However, no one can confirm oat r deny this because there appears to be no one alive that knows the face of R.C. Christian… except for Wyatt Martin.

To this day, there remains one person within the known canon of the Georgia Guidestones that knows the true identity of R.C. Christian, and that is former bank president Wyatt Martin. According to Martin himself, after the construction of the monument was complete, he remained in correspondence with Christian via letters sent from all over the world, hearing from him so often the two became “pen pals.” They’d also occasionally meet for friendly dinners when Christian was near Elberton (Christian would call him from the Atlanta Airport and they’d meet in Athens). This continued up until about ten years ago (around the time of the 9/11 attacks), when Christian stopped writing. Martin estimates his friend would have been in his eighties by then and probably passed away. However, even with Christian’s apparent demise Martin refuses to break the promise he made to the mystery man, and won’t divulge his identity or share whatever info and documents he still has in his possession. However, this does not mean that there is no speculation about Christian’s identity.

It appears that the number one candidate for being R.C. Christian is Ted Turner. Yes, that Ted Turner; the Ted Turner that owns all of those media outlets and The Atlanta Braves. Although Turner doesn’t fit the age bracket theorized by Martin, many other factors have lead conspiracy theorists to believe that Turner is the man behind the guidestones. First and foremost is the long-standing rumor of Turner’s involvement in a “New World Order” movement which when combined with his massive wealth and his very public interest in the state of Georgia (he bases all of his businesses out of there) puts him at the top of the short list of candidates for R.C. Christian. Strengthening the case is an interview in which Turner went on record saying, “a total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal” a statement that echos the most sinister of rules written on the guidestones (rule number one) which some have interpreted as a call for genocide. Next we have Turner’s well-documented crusade to “save the planet” – a crusade which includes his promotion of biofuels and his efforts to end global warming (both of which he relates to the aforementioned over-population of the world) as well as his creation of a children’s cartoon (Captain Planet) which aimed to promote environmental awareness. Finally, we have an interview with Wyatt Martin in which he was asked about both his relationship with Ted Turner and the identity of R.C. Christian. He readily admitted to having a relationship with, and being fond of Turner and flatly denied the other candidates involvement (including Fendley.) However, when asked if Turner was R.C. Christian, Martin was “stunned” and nervously denied Turner’s involvement.

The face of R.C. Christian?

Could it be that Martin’s claims of Christian’s death are merely him covering up for his high-profile friend? With Martin’s now advanced age, we may never know, but R.C. Christian’s true identity aside, we come to the question of who he represents. Who is this “small group of loyal Americans” and what are their intentions? Found out in Part Four of “The Georgia Guidestones: Sinister American Wonder.”

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