The Legend Of The Headless Horseman

Well folks, it’s about Halloween time, which means candy, annoying little kids, girls wearing costumes where they take something mundane and make it sexual (see: sexy pinata, sexy Labrador Retriever, sexy parking cone etc), and of course, being really worried that a guy with no head who still uses a horse as his main mode of transport is going to come and murder you via decapitation. Yes lady (the one of you that reads this blog) and gentlemen, we’re talking about the legend of the headless horseman; one told all over the world.

In Ireland, legend tells of the Dullahan (meaning “without a head” in Gaelige), a being that can be found riding a black horse, and carrying its head under its arm. The head is said to have to have eyes that move about rapidly and constantly; it’s also said to have the look and feel of moldy cheese, and a horrid grin the almost resembles a jack-o-lantern.The Dullahan carries a whip with it that is said to be made of a human spinal cord (must be annoying to repair). In the event that the Dullahan is driving a wagon, it will also be made out human remains of some sort. The Dullahan will chase you, and upon getting close enough for you to hear it, will call out your name and you will immediately die. The Dullahan is basically unstoppable; all gates and locks open when he comes near, anyone who watches him is covered in blood and placed on his death list, and some are struck with his whip. The only thing that can stop him? Gold…yeah, gold can drive it away, so as tough and evil as this guy is, he can be scared away by a ad and/or anyone from Jersey (gold chain joke! Zing!)

In Germany, the famous Brothers Grimm have two separate tales of headless horsemen. One takes place in eastern Germany (Dresden), where a woman goes out to the forest to forage near a place called ”Lost Waters”; she hears a hunting horn and turns around to see the horseman. Another German tale from a place called Brunswick, tells of “the wild huntsman”, whose horn warns hunters not to ride the next day lest they meet with their doom.

There are countless other headless horseman tales told all over the world, including the green knight from the legend of King Arthur (U.K.), the horsman Ewen that haunts the Isle of Mull (Scotland), the tild huntsman of Scandanavia, and the famous headless horsman of Sleepy Hollow New York (U.S.); said to hunt a man named Icabod Crane and any of his relatives that may come after him. Of course, the American version of the horseman also decapitates you, because we do things big here in the states; we’re actually surprised it’s not the “headless monster trucksman” or something similar.

So are these legends true?Almost definitely no. We’d like to create some suspense on this one; tell you how the next time you’re walking home and night and you hear a noise far off in the distance, you should beware because the horseman is approaching…but that would be ridiculous…right?

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