The Mummies of the Grand Canyon

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2 Responses

  1. Adrian says:

    This story and its content seems to be connected with the Illionis caves… They found a TON of Egyptian artifacts there as well… You may want to check their website!

  2. Joseph Lake Voros says:

    PRESS RELEASE April 30th, 2014

    A great anthropological and archaeological discovery has been made within the Grand Canyon of the United States. Joseph Lake Voros, of Florida, has established the site of a Mesoamerican Totlec settlement first described in a 1909 article by The Arizona Gazette detailing the work of G.E. Kincaid, who also found the site; but most records were lost and the story became untraceable. Joseph Lake Voros, using advance software of Google Earth has placed the coordinates, recorded stunning visuals of the site, however not entered the site yet.

    For further information please email Joseph Lake Research