The Shroud Of Turin: Real Or Fake?

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2 Responses

  1. junard says:

    this is the only prove and evidence that the roman catholic church remains the true dignity of our lord JESUS CHRIST and HIS true churh that exist there is no other than the SANTA IGLESIA KATOLIKA APOSTOLIKA ROMANA:-)

  2. Louise says:

    To say that The Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Christ is quite a far-reaching claim on behalf of the Catholic church. Why do people want to believe this? Because it’s the Catholic church?
    It’s not a secret that crucifixion was not only a common practice, but very prevalent during the age of christ and long beyond then. This was the way Rome dealt with malefactors and law breakers. Crucifixion also commonly consisted of the piercing of the wrists and feet (no matter who was crucified) to cross beams or crosses. To claim the image is that of Christ (because of the long hair, beard and moustache, the bruises on the body, etc) is also far-fetched. Why would we assume that Jesus was treated more violently than any other when that’s not true? Undoubtedly, most “malcontents” of the day or those perceived as threats to Roman rule were treated equally as violently as Jesus was and many too had long hair, beards and moustaches.
    I am a Christian, having accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour many many years ago. I don’t need any “symbol” or “relic” to strengthen my belief or to show proof of Christ’s sacrifice for me. In fact, I consider this “shroud” a ‘sacrilegious’, ‘irreverent’ attempt on behalf of the Catholic church to boast an exclusive discovery that holds no credence or truth. But… who’s going to argue with the Catholic church?