The TR-3B – A Real Life UFO

When it comes to top secret projects the Triangle shaped TR-3B is at the top of the list. Code named Astra, the TR-3B stands for Tactical Reconnaissance. You could say the TR-3B is a real life UFO. The craft is powered by an advanced hydrogen and oxygen power plant designed under the secretive Aurora Program. It’s been said more than 3 billion dollars have been poured into the project since its inception back in 1994. The TR-3B is the world’s most advanced aerospace craft. The outer shell of the TR-3B is made of space age technologies that have the most amazing properties ever seen. This material can reflect radar as well as absorb it. The TR-3B can then project these radar waves into making the craft look smaller than its actual size, it can even change the shape of the craft to look like a cylinder. The TR-3B can also make radar receivers think it is either invisible or that there are dozens of objects in the sky. Perhaps the most amazing technology the TR-3B has is the ability to generate a magnetic vortex field. This magnetic field disrupts gravity on mass and allows the craft to perform high speed maneuvers never before achieved. The craft has a special compartment that the crew sits in that is filled with plasma like magnetic field. This compartment area sort of hovers keeping the crew in the center of gravity as the ship can perform any aerobatic maneuver imaginable. To date very little is known about the TR-3B as the government has kept much about it as quite as possible. More and more sightings of these crafts have been popping up in YouTube videos raising the public suspicions. TR-3B’s are said to have been present during the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.

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