What is the “Grinning Man”?


Notice how I didn’t ask “Who is the grinning man?”. That’s because the UFO related phenomena is so weird that no one knows whether it’s a “he”, a “she”, or an “it”. You see, the Grinning Man is some sort of humanoid creature that has been reported in the last forty something years as showing up in the area of UFO sightings.

The first sighting occurred in October of 1966, in New Jersey, where two young boys, on their way home at around 10 o’clock at night, described seeing a figure that stood well over six feet tall, had very broad shoulders, wore a greenish jumpsuit that reflected light, and had a face that consisted of only two beady eyes, set far apart, and a large, shark-like grin. Their sighting coincided with a reported that a UFO had flown over a town just forty miles away.


Indrid, is that you?


The next sighting(s) would occur just a month later, and would happen in conjunction with the infamous “Mothman’s” reign of terror in West Virginia (the mothman is often believed to be some kind of extraterrestrial). This time, it’s said that the Grinning Man chased down a man in a car, and introduced himself as “Indrid Cold”. The same man claims to have had multiple visits from the Grinning Man, was taken to visit his home planet, and even met other Grinning Men. Around the same time, a young girl living in the same town reported waking up to a Grinning Man standing over her bed, and guess what? Her family reported seeing UFO-like lights over their home just before the incident.



Other, more recent reports of Grinning Man encounters have come up, as recently as 2009, but they’re a bit harder to take seriously due to the fact that they’re post-original reports. As you know, once a phenomenon gains attention, subsequent occurences can sometimes be chalked up to the experiencer’s mind being “loaded” with the idea of the phenomenon already.



So what is The Grinning Man? Is he an evil alien? Here from another world to terrorize us? Or is he something far less sinister? A theory that as recently gained popularity, and actually seems to make the most sense, is that the Grinning Man, or Grinning Men, are actually some sort of intergalactic Men In Black types. Sent to help keep things calm during UFO situations. The scary grin? Just a misinterpretation of their attempt to provide a calming presence.



So ask yourselves folks? Is the Grinning Man out to get you? Or is he out to help you? Guess you won’t know until you meet him.

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