Where is the Capstone of the Great Pyramid?

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5 Responses

  1. Larry Gerndt says:

    I’ve always suspected that maybe the aliens used to land their ships on the top of the great pyramid, which is why the cap is not there.

    Another belief I have is regarding Masonry secrets. It seems likely to me that if they original Masons did have secret knowledge, it was the knowledge of levitation as taught to them by the aliens. Levitation is the only way to make sense of why man would bother building the large pyramids, for it would make it much much easier to do so. And this would help explain why on the dollar bill, the capstone seems to be levitating.

  2. richard says:

    I’m so addicted to this stuff and I always have beenits 100% aliens a lot of stuff that goes on he on earth has a lot to do with them! Atlantas is real I belive they gave us technology to help us build our planet with there help or them

  3. Pictish Astronomer says:

    Khufu was never meant to have a capstone, the base dimensions and height were based on integer values of special pendulum lengths whose ratio approaches the ratio of phi only if the pyramid is the height that it is now. Perhaps the top was kept as a flat platform for ceremonial rituals though in this case some provision for ascending the pyramids smooth casing stone surface would have had to have been made to allow the Pharaoh to stand on top of the pyramid’s flat top for the special ceremony involving the star Bellatrix sinking into the “apex” of the Great Pyramid as Orion set into the Western horizon.

  4. Robin says:

    guys. there is so much evidence within the heiroglyphics alone that show how and who built the pyramids. the alien stories are made up to fool the gullible. seriously, learn the true evidence before you jump on the alien bandwagon. it’s just foolish. sure, UFO sightings are numerous all over the world. but i firmly beleive it’s government black projects, not aliens. don’t be stupid.

  5. Secree pid says:

    The capstone was missing before 1874 we all know that and we also know that there was a great flood which produced the sahara to a desert and covered the pyramids and sphinx but when did the capstone go missing? If it was used as a beacon as does our airports, will they return. I think the governments have plans to guide them to Denver where there will be a massacre like we never have seen before or where they will introduce the new migrants into the United states. With all thoughts of Atlantis, between Egypt and the british isles encompassing Ireland.
    What say ye?